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DIL/NetPC DNP/1486-3V: Starter Kit

The DIL/NetPC DNP/1486-3V starter kit is everything you need to get startet with your DIL/NetPC embedded networking application.The starter kit includes a DNP/1486-3V module, the evaluation board DNP/EVA1, power supply, serial interface (nullmodem) cable, one CD-ROM with software and documentation and a user manual for the first steps with the starter kit.


For using the DIL/NetPC DNP/1486-3V starter kit youd need a development system. The minimal configuration for this system is a Windows-based PC with the HyperTerminal terminal emulation program and a free COM port (COM1 or COM2) for the serial link between the DIL/NetPC DNP/1486-3V and HyperTerminal. For using the Ethernet link, your PC needs an Ethernet adapter with 10BASE-T interface.

DIL/NetPC DNP/1486-3V: Starter Kit Key Features

The DIL/NetPC DNP/1486-3V starter kit CD-ROM offers now three different operating systems: 1. Datalight ROM-DOS 6.22 (which is also pre-installed to the FLASH), 2. a Embedded Linux based on a standard x86 kernel and 3. Embedded RTLinux for real time applications.You will find both Linux versions in binary and in source form on the CD-ROM. The binarys are ready to run. Just download these binary files from the CD-ROM to the DIL/NetPC FLASH memory and then booting up the Embedded Linux or Embedded RTLinux. Thatīs all.

  • DIL/NetPC DNP/1486-3V with 33 MHz. 2 MByte FLASH, 8 MByte DRAM
  • Evaluation Board DNP/EVA1
  • Nullmodem Cable
  • 110 VAC or 230 VAC to 6 VDC Power Supply
  • CD-ROM and User Manuals
  • ROM-DOS 6.22 with FLASH File System
  • Embedded Linux with Source
  • Embedded RTLinux with Source
  • Linux Remote Login with Telnet
  • Web Server Setup Sample
  • FTP Server Setup Sample
  • Many Sourcecode Samples

DIL/NetPC DNP/1486-3V: Starter Kit Ordering Information

Ordercode Product
DNP/SK1 Starterkit with DNP1486-3V-33, DNP/EVA1, CD-ROM and Null-Modemcable.

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