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DIL/NetPC ADNP/1486-3V: Starter Kit Evaluation Board DNP/EVA2

For fast ADNP/1486 system integration and a short time-to-market with DIL/NetPC- based products we offer the DNP/EVA2 Evaluation Board. In the center of this board is a standard 2.54mm 128-pin QIL socket for the ADNP/1486. Eight bits of the ADNP/1486 20-bit general purpose parallel I/O (PIO) signals are connected to LEDīs. Eight other bits are connected to a 8-position DIP switch. There is also a ST16C2550-based COM2/COM3 expansion. For develop the interface to other application- specific parts (i.e. A/D converters, CAN field bus and other special I/Os ), the DNP/EVA2 Evaluation Board offers a big breadboard area with holes spaced at 2.54mm (0.1") intervals.


The DNP/EVA2 Evaluation Board requires only an external 5 VDC power supply to operate. During the development and testing phase of a DIL/NetPC-based application, you will usually connect the DNP/EVA2 to a serial port of your PC. Please use a standard Null- Modemcable for this connection.

DNP/EVA2 Components
Name Function
10BASE-T RJ45 Connector. Ethernet LAN Interface.
RESET Switch for DIL/NetPC Reset.
POWER 5 VDC Input from external Power Supply.
COM1 SUB-D 9-pin Connector. COM1 RS232C Interface.
COM2 SUB-D 9-pin Connector. COM2 RS232C Interface.
COM3 10-pin Connector. COM3 RS232C/RS485 Interface.
DIP Switch 8-position DIP Switch connected with DIL/NetPC Port B.
LEDs 8 LEDs connected with DIL/NetPC Port A.
JP1/JP2 RS232C/RS485 Mode Select for COM3.

DIL/NetPC ADNP/1486-3V: Starter Kit Evaluation Board DNP/EVA2 Key Features

For more information please download or view the DNP/EVA2 schematics file with the LED and DIP switch interface. This schematics also contains a 3.3 VDC power supply for the DIL/NetPC ADNP/1486-3V, the Ethernet 10BASE-T local area network (LAN) interface with the RJ45 connector, the ST16C2550-based COM2/COM3 expansion, and the RS232C/RS485 level shifter. For more information about the ST16C2550 D-UART (dual universal asynchronous receiver and transmitter) please download or view the data sheet (use the More Details hyperlink).

  • 2.54mm 128-pin QIL (Quad-in-Line) Socket
  • 3.3 VDC Power Supply, 5 VDC Input
  • 8 LEDs on PIO Port A
  • 8-position DIP Switch on PIO Port B
  • COM1 Interface with 9-pin SUB-D (RS232C only)
  • COM2 Interface with 9-pin SUB-D (RS232C only)
  • COM3 Interface with 10-pin Connector (RS232C or RS485)
  • RS232C and RS485 Level Shifter on-board
  • 10BASE-T Interface with Standard RJ45
  • 10BASE-T Transceiver on-board
  • Big Breadboard Area for Prototyping
  • RESET Switch for DIL/NetPC Reset

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