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DIL/NetPC DNP/1486-3V: 5 V Tolerance

It is to be considered, however, that the DIL/NetPC DNP/1486-3V is a 3.3 volt- based system. The output levels are derived from the 3.3 volt supply voltage. Not all inputs of the DIL/NetPC DNP/1486-3V can be driven by external 5 volt components. For more details, see the following table.

5 V Tolerance of the DIL/NetPC DNP/1486-3V Inputs
Pin Name Function 5 V Tolerant if Input
1..8 PA0..7 Parallel I/O, Port A, Bit 0..7 Yes
9..16 PB0..7 Parallel I/O, Port B, Bit 0..7 No
17..20 PC0..3 Parallel I/O, Port C, Bit 0..3 No
21..28 see Pinout Serial Port No
29 RESIN Reset Input No
30, 31 TX+, TX- LAN ---
32 GND Power Supply, Ground ---
33, 34 RX+, RX- LAN No
35 RESOUT Reset Output ---
36 VBAT Real Time Clock Battery Input ---
37 CLKOUT Clock Output ---
38, 39 IRTXD, IRRXD IrDA Infrared Serial Port No
40..44 INT1..5 Programmable Interrupt Input 1..5 Yes
45..48 CS4..1 Programmable Chip Select Output 4..1 ---
49 IOCHRDY I/O Channel Ready Yes
50, 51 IOR, IOW I/O Read, I/O Write Outputs ---
52..55 SA3..0 I/O Expansion Bus, Address Bit 3..0 ---
56..63 SD7..0 I/O Expansion Bus, Data Bit 7..0 Yes
64 Vcc Power Supply, +3.3 Volt Power Input ---

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