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DIL/NetPCs DNP/1486 and ADNP/1486: Linux Configurations

The starter kit CD-ROM offers different Linux pre-configurations (PreCfgs) for the DNP/1486 and ADNP/1486. Every configuration comes in two separate files. One file (zImage) is the Linux kernel, the other is the root file system (rImage.gz) for the kernel. It is possible to boot these Linux configurations direct over ROM-DOS (see description within the starter kit). It is also possible to build your own Linux-based DIL/NetPC O/S Image File form a given zImage and rImage.gz (see also mHTx8614.pdf in the documentation section).

DIL/NetPC (A)DNP/1486 Linux Configurations
Name Kernel GLIBC Specials
PreCfg1 2.2.5 2.1.1 First Version.
PreCfg2 2.2.5 2.1.1 Webserver thttpd.
PreCfg3 2.2.5 2.1.3 DHCP Client.
PreCfg4 2.2.5 2.1.3 Running Program with Autostart.
PreCfg5 2.4.10 2.1.3 2.4.10 Malloc Problem.
PreCfg6 2.4.10 2.2 2.4.10 Malloc Problem.
PreCfg7 2.2.5 2.1.3 IDE driver for ADNP/1486 IDE Interface.
PreCfg8 2.4.10 2.1.3 Webserver thttpd. 2.4.10 Malloc Problem.
PreCfg9 2.4.10 2.2 Webserver thttpd. 2.4.10 Malloc Problem.
PreCfg10 2.4.10 2.2 libm and libpthread in /lib. 2.4.10 Malloc Problem.
PreCfg11 2.4.17 2.2 Webserver thttpd.
PreCfg12 2.4.17 2.2 ADNP/1486 only. PreCfg11 plus JFFS1.
PreCfg13 2.4.17 2.2 ADNP/1486 only. PreCfg11 plus JFFS2.
PreCfg14 2.2.5 2.1.1 Math Error Correction (gcc 2.95.2).
PreCfg15 2.4.17 2.2 ADNP/1486 only. IDE Driver with MSDOS/FAT/VFAT File Systems.
PreCfg16 2.4.17 2.2 ADNP/1486 only. PCMCIA Driver with 802.11b WLAN Support.
PreCfg17 2.4.17 2.2 PreCfg11 plus PPP.
PreCfg18 2.4.17 2.2 ADNP/1486 only. NE2000 Driver for second (eth1) Ethernet LAN Interface.
PreCfg19 2.4.17 2.2 Store/Read IP address to/from EEPROM with "setipaddr" and "ipaddree".
PreCfg20 2.4.17 2.2 ELFA (Embedded Linux for All) Release 1.
PreCfg21 2.4.20 2.2 IP address setup with "ipaddree".
PreCfg22 2.4.20 2.2 USB Host Configuration for ADNP/1486 with PC/104 USB Board.

Please Note: The table is valid for starter kit CD-ROM version 1.16. We upgrade the available configurations from time to time. Please ask ( for special features.

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