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DIL/NetPC DNP/5280: Memory Mapping

The MCF5280 ColdFire 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) is using a internal 32-bit address bus. All memory and I/O devices are accessible within one memory space (memory mapped I/O). The following table shows the default memory mapping for the DNP/5280.

DNP/5280 Memory Mapping
Function Start Address End Address Access Format Remarks
SDRAM 0x0000.0000 0x00FF.FFFF 32 Bits -
SRAM (internal) 0x2000.0000 0x2000.FFFF 32 Bits MCF5280 internal
CS1_Space 0x1000.0000 0x100F.FFFF 8 Bits CS1 - Pin 48 - DIL-64 Connector
CS2_Space 0x1010.0000 0x101F.FFFF 8 Bits CS2 - Pin 47 - DIL-64 Connector
CS3_Space 0x1020.0000 0x102F.FFFF 8 Bits CS3 - Pin 46 - DIL-64 Connector
CS4_Space 0x1030.0000 0x103F.FFFF 8 Bits CS4 - Pin 45 - DIL-64 Connector
IBSBAR 0x4000.0000 0x7FFF.FFFF 32 Bits MCF5280 Special Function Registers
Flash (internal - MCF5282 only) 0xF000.0000 0xF007.FFFF 32 Bits Not available with MCF5280 MCU
Flash 0xFF80.0000 0xFFFF.FFFF 16 Bits -

DNP/5280 Protected Areas
Function Start Address End Address
dBUG ROM Monitor - Code Area 0xFF80.0000 0xFF83.FFFF
dBUG ROM Monitor - Data Area 0x0000.0000 0x0000.FFFF

Please Note: DNP/5280 user code may start at address 0x0001.0000.

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