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DIL/NetPC DNP/5280: Expansion Bus Mapping

Most of the 8-bit Expansion Bus pins of the DNP/5280 are direct connected to signals of the Motorola 32-bit MCF5280 microcontroller. The following table shows the mapping and the remarks.

DNP/5280 Expansion Bus Mapping
Pin Name Function MCF5280 Signal MCF5280 Pin Remarks
40 INT5 Interrupt Input 5 IRQ7 B15 -
41 INT4 Interrupt Input 4 IRQ6 B16 -
42 INT3 Interrupt Input 3 IRQ5 C14 -
43 INT2 Interrupt Input 2 IRQ4 C15 -
44 INT1 Interrupt Input 1 IRQ3 C16 -
45 CS4 Chip Select Output 4 RAS1# H13 See Device Errata
46 CS3 Chip Select Output 3 CS3# L16 -
47 CS2 Chip Select Output 2 CS2# L15 -
48 CS1 Chip Select Output 1 CS1# L14 -
49 RDY External Ready Input TA# P16 -
50 RD Read Signal OE# N16 Also on-board use
51 WR Write Signal R/W# N15 Also on-board use
52 SA3 Address Bit 3 A3 E3 Also on-board use
53 SA2 Address Bit 2 A2 E4 Also on-board use
54 SA1 Address Bit 1 A1 F1 Also on-board use
55 SA0 Address Bit 0 A0 F2 Also on-board use
56 SD7 Data Bit 7 D31 F3 Also on-board use
57 SD6 Data Bit 6 D30 G1 Also on-board use
58 SD5 Data Bit 5 D29 G2 Also on-board use
59 SD4 Data Bit 4 D28 G3 Also on-board use
60 SD3 Data Bit 3 D27 G4 Also on-board use
61 SD2 Data Bit 2 D26 H1 Also on-board use
62 SD1 Data Bit 1 D25 H2 Also on-board use
63 SD0 Data Bit 0 D24 H3 Also on-board use

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