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DIL/NetPC DNP/9200: 64-pin DIL Connector Pinout - Alternate Functions

Many of the 20 general purpose parallel I/O pins are also used for the alternate functions SSI/I2S interface, SD/MMC interface, and the SPI function pins. The following tables show the details.

Alternate Function: SSI/I2S Interface
Pin Name Function Direction
1 TF1 Transmitter Frame Sync I/O
2 TK1 Transmitter Clock I/O
3 TD1 Transmitter Data Out
4 RD1 Receiver Data In
5 RK1 Receiver Clock I/O
6 RF1 Receiver Frame Sync I/O

Alternate Function: SD/MMC Interface
Pin Name Function Direction
9 MCCK Multimedia Card Clock Out
10 MCCDA Multimedia Card A Command I/O
11 MCDA0 Multimedia Card A Data 0 I/O
12 MCDA1 Multimedia Card A Data 1 I/O
13 MCDA2 Multimedia Card A Data 2 I/O
14 MCDA3 Multimedia Card A Data 3 I/O

Alternate Function: SPI Function Pins
Pin Name Function Direction
15 SPICS2 SPI Chip Select CS2 Out
16 SPICS3 SPI Chip Select CS3 Out
17 MOSI Master Out Slave In (SPI Data Output) Out
18 MISO Master In Slave Out (SPI Data Input) In
19 SPICLK SPI Clock Out
20 SPICS0 SPI Chip Select CS0 Out

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