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DIL/NetPC DNP/5370: 64-pin DIL Connector Pinout - Alternate Functions

All of the 20 general purpose parallel I/O pins are also used for the alternate SSI and PPI functions. Port B is also the SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) for audio codec interfacing. Port A, B and C together implements the high-speed PPI (Parallel Peripheral Interface) for video codec interfacing or other very fast 16-bit data acquisition interfaces. The following tables show the details.

Alternate Function: SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface)
Pin Name Function Direction
9 DR.SEC (PG8) SSI1 Data Receive Secondary I/O
10 DT.SEC (PG9) SSI1 Data Transmit Secondary I/O
11 RS.CLK (PG10) SSI1 Receive Serial Clock I/O
12 RF.SYNC (PG11) SSI1 Receive Frame Sync I/O
13 DR.PRI (PG12) SSI1 Data Receive Primary I/O
13 TS.CLK (PG13) SSI1 Transmit Serial Clock I/O
15 TF.SYNC (PG14) SSI1 Transmit Fram Sync I/O
16 DT.PRI (PG15) SSI1 Data Transmit Primary I/O

Alternate Function: PPI (Parallel Peripheral Interface)
Pin Name Function Direction
1 PPI.D0 (PG0) PPI Data Bit 0 I/O
2 PPI.D1 (PG1) PPI Data Bit 1 I/O
3 PPI.D2 (PG2) PPI Data Bit 2 I/O
4 PPI.D3 (PG3) PPI Data Bit 3 I/O
5 PPI.D4 (PG4) PPI Data Bit 4 I/O
6 PPI.D5 (PG5) PPI Data Bit 5 I/O
7 PPI.D6 (PG6) PPI Data Bit 6 I/O
8 PPI.D7 (PG7) PPI Data Bit 7 I/O
9 PPI.D8 (PG8) PPI Data Bit 8 I/O
10 PPI.D9 (PG9) PPI Data Bit 9 I/O
11 PPI.D10 (PG10) PPI Data Bit 10 I/O
12 PPI.D11 (PG11) PPI Data Bit 11 I/O
13 PPI.D12 (PG12) PPI Data Bit 12 I/O
14 PPI.D13 (PG13) PPI Data Bit 13 I/O
15 PPI.D14 (PG14) PPI Data Bit 14 I/O
16 PPI.D15 (PG15) PPI Data Bit 15 I/O
17 PPI.FS1 (PF9) PPI Frame Sync 1 I/O
18 PPI.FS2 (PF8) PPI Frame Sync 2 I/O
19 PPI.FS3 (PF7) PPI Frame Sync 3 I/O
20 PPI.CLK (PF15) PPI Clock I/O

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